NEUS322 - Neuroscience Seminar - Spring 2010
Dr. Dave Pittman ~ Wednesdays ~ 12:30 - 1:50 PM ~ RMSC 221


Date: Topic / Perspective: Reading: Primary Discussant:
2/10 Introductory Session None - Bring ideas for topics. Dr. Pittman
2/17 Sleep The neural circuit of orexin (hypocretin): maintaining sleep and wakefulness
Focus on pages 171-174 and 179-180
Cally Patterson
2/24 Sleep Narcolepsy in orexin Knockout Mice: Molecular Genetics of Sleep Regulation Michael Schecter
3/3 Sleep Relationship between CSF hypocretin levels and hypocretin neuronal loss Andy Steadman
3/10 Autism Disconnected brains: What is the role of fMRI in connectivity research?
Autism and dyslexia: A spectrum of cognitive styles as defined by minicolumnar morphometry
Charlotte Van Hale
3/17 Autism Increased dendritic spine densities on cortical projection neurons in autism spectrum disorders. Ben Barnette
3/24 Wofford College ~ Program in Neuroscience Research Differential colocalization with choline acetyltransferase in nervus terminalis suggests functional differences for GnRH isoforms in bonnethead sharks (Sphyrna tiburo) Dr. John Moeller
4/7 ADHD Genetics of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Hampton Collins
4/14 ADHD Age-dependent effects of methylphenidate in the prefrontal cortex: evidence from electrophysiological and Arc gene expression measurements Jessie Sahms
4/21 Wofford College ~ Program in Neuroscience Research Increased prefrontal and parietal activity after training working memory. Dr. Kara Bopp
4/28 Motor Deficits Dynamic changes in cerebello-thalamo-cortical motor circuitry during progression of Parkinson's disease. Chelsea Nill
5/5 Motor Deficits

The role of dopamine oxidation in mitochondrial dysfunction: implications for Parkinsonís disease.

Mitochondria get a Parkiní ticket.
Lauren Jamison
5/12 Motor Deficits

Therapeutic effect of human amniotic epithelial cell transplantation into the lateral ventricle of hemiparkinsonian rats

Lewy body pathology in fetal grafts
David Moffat
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