NEUS322 - Neuroscience Seminar - Spring 2009
Dr. Dave Pittman ~ Wednesdays ~ 12:30 - 1:50 PM ~ RMSC 221


Date: Topic / Perspective: Reading: Primary Discussant:
2/4 Introductory Session None Dr. Pittman
2/11 Obesity & the Hypothalamus: Systems-Level Anti-obesity drugs and neural circuits of feeding Dr. Pittman
2/18 Obesity & the Hypothalamus: Physiological-Level Rapid Rewiring of Arcuate Nucleus Feeding Circuits by Leptin

Supplemental Material

2/25 Obesity & the Hypothalamus: Molecular-Level Lateral Hypothalamus Is Required for Context-Induced Reinstatement of Extinguished Reward Seeking Lauren
3/4 Working Memory: Systems-Level

Working Memory Plasticity in Old Age: Practice Gain, Transfer, and Maintenance

Dr. Bopp
3/11 Working Memory: Physiological-Level

fMRI evidence of age-related hippocampal dysfunction in feature binding in working memory

Special Invited Research Speaker Luncheon Join us to hear Dr. Paul Verhaeghan talk about his cognitive science research.  11:30-12:45 on Friday, March 13, in the Anna Todd center.
3/18 Working Memory: Molecular-Level

Changes in Cortical Dopamine D1 Receptor Binding Associated with Cognitive Training

Increased prefrontal and parietal activity after training of working memory
3/25 Sex in the CNS: Systems-Level Why sex matters for neuroscience. Clark
4/8 Sex in the CNS: Physiological-Level Gene expression changes in the course of normal brain aging are sexually dimorphic.
Gender-related differences in lateralization of hippocampal activation and cognitive strategy.
4/15 Sex in the CNS: Molecular-Level Sex differences in the serotonin 1A receptor and serotonin transporter binding in the human brain measured by PET. Mazi
4/22 Sleep, Dreaming & Memory:
The role of sleep in declarative memory consolidation: passive, permissive, active or none? Laura
4/29 Sleep, Dreaming & Memory: Physiological-Level Encoding difficulty promotes postlearning changes in sleep spindle activity during napping.
Overnight verbal memory retention correlates with the number of sleep spindles.
5/6 Sleep, Dreaming & Memory:
Molecular -Level
Control and Function of the Homeostatic Sleep Response by Adenosine A1 Receptors Katherine
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