NEUS321 - Neuroscience Seminar - Fall 2009
Dr. Dave Pittman ~ Wednesdays ~ 12:30 - 1:50 PM ~ RMSC 221


Date: Topic / Perspective: Reading: Primary Discussant:
9/9 Introductory Session None - Bring ideas for topics. Dr. Pittman
9/16 Addiction / Systems-Level Decision making, impulse control and loss of willpower to resist drugs: a neurocognitive perspective. Dr. Pittman
9/23 Addiction / Physiological-Level Roles of the Nucleus Accumbens and Amygdala in the Acquisition and Expression of Ethanol-Conditioned Behavior in Mice Dr. Pittman
9/30 Wofford College ~ Program in Neuroscience Research Binge-type eating induced by limited access in rats does not require energy restriction on the previous day. Dr. Davis
10/7 Addiction / Molecular-Level Plasticity of reward neurocircuitry and the ‘dark side’ of drug addiction.
Nucleus Accumbens Long-Term Depression and the Expression of Behavioral sensitization.   ~  Supplemental Information for Brebner, et al.
Dr. Reid
10/14 Pain / Systems-Level An endocannabinoid mechanism for stress-induced analgesia Jessie Sahms
10/21 Pain / Physiological-Level Endothelin-B receptor activation triggers an endogenous analgesic cascade at sites of peripheral injury. Andy Steadman
10/28 Wofford College ~ Program in Neuroscience Research Internalization of Stimulus Control during Skill Learning: An Animal Model

Excerpts from textbook on Sensorimotor Transformation

Dr. Reid
11/4 Antisocial Behavior /  Molecular -Level From Genes to Brain to Antisocial Behavior Katherine Kenyon
11/11 Antisocial Behavior / Physiological-Level Volume reduction in prefrontal gray matter in unsuccessful criminal psychopaths.
Limbic abnormalities in affective processing by criminal psychopaths as revealed by functional magnetic resonance imaging.
Sarah Beth Hughes
11/18 Wofford College ~ Program in Neuroscience Research

Stimulation of lateral hypothalamic kainate receptors selectively elicits feeding behavior.

Dr. Hettes
12/2 Spinal Cord Regeneration / Physiological-Level

Repair of spinal cord injury: ripples of an incoming tide, or how I spent my first 40 years in research.

Cally Patterson
12/9 Spinal Cord Regeneration / Molecular -Level Regeneration of nigrostriatal dopaminergic axons after transplantation of olfactory ensheathing cells and fibroblasts prevents fibrotic scar formation at the lesion site. Dr. Pittman
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