Success Story
"Think about how the consumers are behaving in France... I mean, this is a fabulous story for France." - Jack Greenberg
  • McDonald's is the leading restaurant chain in France
  • Despite McDonald's Corporation's recent struggles (including other parts of Europe), McDonald's France has been quite prosperous
  • In 2001, French sales (totaling nearly 2 billion euros) and profits were up 9% when McDonald's saw global profits fall by 17%
  • McDonald's restaurants can be found in over 660 French cities
  • The average restaurant serves about 1,200 clients a week
  • Expanding clientèle includes families, children, teenagers, businessmen, and the elderly
  • First Parisian restaurant opened in 1984; among the employees was Denis Hennequin, the current PDG of McDonald's France
  • Also in 1984, introduction of McDonald's to La Bourse de Paris (Paris Stock Exchange)
  • 1994, creation of the French branch of the Ronald McDonald House
  • 1998, McDonald's sponsors the first World Cup title won by the French soccer team
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