McDonald's France
John Travolta explains the French name for a
Quarter Pounder with Cheese to Samuel L. Jackson
(scene from Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction")

  • Recently became the leading restaurant chain in France
  • First McDonald's in France opened in Strasbourg on September 17, 1979
  • More than 900 total restaurants (more per head than Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands)
  • A new McDonald's opens in France roughly every six days
  • 240 different French franchisees (87% of all McDonald's restaurants in France) & 35,000 French workers
  • Over 1 million customers visit a McDonald's in France daily
  • Typical French customer = $9 per visit; USA = $4 per visit (despite the fact that a Big Mac costs approximately the same in Paris as it does in New York)