Factors of Success
  • Each McDonald's restaurant must meet certain QSC&V standards
  • Quality, Service, Cleanliness, & Value are the foundation upon which McDonald's was built
  • These standards remain a vital component of present day success
  • Methods of operation, inventory control, bookkeeping, accounting, and marketing are uniform
  • Enormous amount of local freedoms (reflect local tastes or add variety to menu) as long as the QSC&V standards are met
  • However, certain core elements of the brand cannot be changed, such as the recipe of the Big Mac (no meat is served in India, therefore no Big Mac on menu)
Comments by Journalists:
  • "The magic of McDonald's is that no matter where you travel, it is delightfully and comfortingly the same." - David Miller, Brandweek
  • "The company will never subject me to the indignity of walking into a dirty restaurant." - Gregg Cebrzynski, Nation's Restaurant News
  • "We don't come to the Golden Arches on the merits of taste tantalization and culinary delight. We prize the brand on friendliness, cleanliness, consistency, and convenience." - David Miller, Brandweek
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