Deep in thought on a train shortly after enjoying
a meal at a McDonald's restaurant in France

Despite an overwhelming amount of cultural opposition, American icon McDonald's has experienced and continues to experience a great deal of success in France. In addition, McDonald's restaurants in France continue to grow in number and are becoming increasingly more profitable, whereas McDonald's Corporation as a whole is closing hundreds of restaurants worldwide and struggling to remain profitable.

Denis Hennequin, Président Directeur Général of McDonald's France, deserves a great deal of credit. He has instilled an excellent balance between McDonald's traditional recipe for success and carefully calculated cultural adaptations. In light of these important cultural changes that have helped to make McDonald's more easily digestible for the French, it would be incorrect to conclude that McDonald's is "Americanizing" France.

McDonald's France has overcome a great deal of controversy. McDonald's restaurants in France have been trashed, burned to the ground, and even bombed. Furthermore, French political leaders have vocally expressed their dislike of McDonald's involvement in France. However, McDonald's France has overcome this adversity by adapting to the French way of doing things; becoming not only the most popular restaurant in France but also an important part of the French economy.
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