About the Project

George Wrigley Burdette III


Senior Capstone Project
Intercultural Studies for Business
Wofford College, Spring 2003

Purpose of the Project:
The purpose of this project is to bring together knowledge acquired during course work at Wofford and knowledge acquired during foreign study. The Capstone project integrates personal interests in business and culture at an advanced analytical level through in-depth research and critical thinking.

Origins of Topic:

Upon completing my first semester at Wofford College, I made an important decision to continue studying French. This decision eventually led me to spend two separate semesters abroad in France. While living in France, I was able to experience some of the finest cuisine the country had to offer...including a McBacon with Deluxe Potatoes from McDonald's!

During my first several visits to McDonald's restaurants in France, I began to notice many differences between these restaurants and the McDonald's restaurants that I was accustomed to visiting while at home in the United States. These differences were quite interesting to me, and many questions beginning with "why" began to enter my thoughts.

Oftentimes, on weekends, my friends and I would take trips in order to experience as much of Europe as we could. I made an attempt to eat at a McDonald's restaurant in each country that we visited. The differences between the restaurants from country to country were simply fascinating to me.

Because the goal of the project is to combine personal interests of culture and business, I chose to further investigate McDonald's involvement in France. In the end, this project allowed me the opportunity to seek answers to many of the questions on this subject that had initially captured my curiosity.

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