What exactly would you see in the Dominican Republic ?



Depending on what time of the year you decide to visit, the month of February might peak your interest. Every year the Dominican Republic celebrates a festival called Carnaval...

Carnaval has been a big deal in the Dominican Republic ever since the first Independence Day (from Spain), which happened to fall on February 27. The carnaval represents religous and folkloric traditions, but for a lot of people it’s just a good time had by all. In many parts of the country all of February is dedicated to dressing up, with parades (or at least people getting into costume and gathering in public areas) every Sunday in February.


Costumes such as this one are very common throughout the festival.

My fondest memories are of these masked men and women running up behind you and hitting you on the backside with a dried out cow bladder...called la vejiga de vaca











As you will see in this video, the parade is filled with diablos and people like myself enjoying the festivities














If you visit, you will most definitely see the Haitian influence in the country. I had a wonderful experience in a visit to a small Haitian community, called a Batey, in which I recorded this video of a voodoo ceremony.



Enjoy some music while you look at other things you might see in the Dominican Republic




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