1. Foreign Direct Investment- Direct investment in business operations in a foreign country back


  1. Foreign Exchange- Converting the currency of one country into that of another country back


  1. Caribbean Basin Initiative- came into operation in 1984, designed to remain in effect until 1995--it provided for duty-free access to the US market, but specifically excluded some sectors, including textiles, apparel, shoes and leather products which are subject to international agreements restricting market entry on quantitative grounds back


  1. FENATRAZONA- National Federation of Free Trade Zone Workers--provides workers with general information on codes of conduct and worker rights back


  1. Collective Bargaining- the process by which wages, hours, rules, and working conditions are negotiated and agreed upon by a union with an employer for all the employees collectively whom it represents back


  1. NAFTA- North American Free Trade Agreement--its the free trade between Canada, Mexico, and the United States back