Concluding Thoughts


So, what have I learned?


EPZs in the Dominican Republic are riddled with problems and full of possibilities. There is no doubt in my mind that these zones are a benefit to both the US and the Dominican Republic, but the sad part is the trade-off is not equal. It seems that the EPZ industry has been very successful in its aim of creating and alleviating unemployment. However, the quality of this employment and the social conditions in which workers live and work is a little disheartening. It is worth reminding that the EPZs in the Dominican Republic are creating employment for those at the end of the skill and income distribution in the Dominican society. It would be worth asking what would be an alternative scenario, meaning what would these workers be doing in the absence of the EPZ industry? The debate could go on for years among groups in favor or against Export Processing Zones, but ultimately no one is going to win. The fact is, there is not really a winner or a loser. It is much like a game of basketball where the score is not kept. The dominant team (US) is always going to beat the weaker opponent (Dominican Republic) but since they aren't keeping score, it doesn't matter who is winning or losing, they are both just playing the game.

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