While studying abroad in Santiago, Dominican Republic, in the spring of 2002 I had the opportunity to visit two Export Processing Zones. In addition to my visits, I took a course labeled “Dominican Social Themes.” It was in this course that I became acquainted with Export Processing Zones, and learned a lot about the many negatives and positives of the recent explosion of these export oriented zones. In this project I have tried to show how Export Processing Zones function, as well as, identify what problems exist. In my search for information it was quite evident that the major focus of most research on Export Processing Zones deals with the many problems associated with these zones. Therefore, the majority of my project is devoted to issues such as human rights, labor issues, globalization, and economic impacts that result from these issues. I have tried not to be biased in my study, but when looking at Export Processing Zones it is difficult not to focus on the negative impacts.


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