Institutional Review Board

Submission Form

To be completed by Wofford College IRB member:
Date Received _______Department___________________________________
*Protocol Number_______________________________________________________
*(To be assigned by the Office of Grants & Contracts)
Protocol Qualifies for: Full Review____ Expedited Review____ Exemption____

Instructions: In order to comply with federal regulations as well as to conform with guidelines of the College's Institutional Review Board (IRB), the principal investigator is required to complete all of the following items contained in the Submission Form and the IRB Protocol. Upon completion of all information, the principal investigator must submit the original Submission Form and one copy of the IRB Protocol, including all consent forms and research instruments (questionnaires, interviews, etc.) to the IRB Chair for review and action. If the Chair determines that full review by the IRB is warranted, the Chair will notify the principal investigator to supply the Chair with copies of the Submission Form, IRB Protocol, and consent forms for distribution to the IRB members and files. Incomplete forms may delay review by the IRB. For further information, refer to the Policy and Procedure Manual for Research with Human Subjects.

I. General Information

A.  Project Title_______________________________________________________

     New_____   	Continuation/Renewal_____          Revision_____

     Proposed Start Date________________________________________________
     Proposed Duration of Research______________________________________
     Performance Site(s)________________________________________________

B.  Principal Investigator______________________________________________

     Faculty _____       Staff _____         Student _____
     Department ________________________________________________________
     Mailing Address____________________________________________________
     Phone Number ______________________________________________________
     Co-Investigator(s) ________________________________________________

Principal Investigator's Signature________________________Date__________ 

II.    Funding Information

     If this protocol is part of an application to an outside agency, 
please provide:
     A.  Source of Funding _____________________________________________________________
     B.  Project Title (if different from above)________________________________________
     C.  Principal Investigator (if different from above)_______________________________ 
     D.  Type of Application:
         Grant_____ Subcontract_____ Contract_____ Fellowship______
     E.  Date of Submission _______________________________________

III. Cooperative Research

Cooperative research projects are those that involve more than one institution and can be designed to be both multi-site and multi-protocol in nature. Each participating institution is responsible for safeguarding the rights and welfare of human subjects and for complying with all regulations. If this proposal has been submitted to another Institutional Review Board please provide:

	Name of Institution _________________________________________
	Date of Review ___________  Contact Person __________________
	IRB Recommendation __________________________________________

IV.  Subject/patient Information
     A.  Types of Subjects/Patients (check all that apply)
            Fetus in Utero/non-viable fetues/abortuses 
            Children (aged 2-12)
            Adolescents (aged 13-18)
            Adults (over 18)
            Pregnant Women
            Special populations (e.g., prisoners, mentally disabled) 
		Specify ____________
     B.  Other (Check all that apply)
            Use of investigational drugs or devices
            Information to be collected may require special sensitivity 
            (e.g. substance abuse, sexual behavior) 
     C.  Number of Subjects/Patients __________
     D.  Approximate time commitment for each subject/patient ___________
     E.  Compensation to subjects/patients : Yes_____       No_____
         Form (e.g. cash, taxi fare, meals)     _____       Amount_____

V.  Continuation or Renewals
     A.  Attach a copy of the original IRB protocol
     B.  Indicate all proposed changes in the IRB protocol affecting subjects
     C.  Progress Report

D. Attach consent form(s) to be used and indicate if any changes have been made.

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