Institutional Review Board

Submission Forms for Research with Human Subjects

(For Research with Non-Human Vertebrate Species, go to IACUC)

Most submissions will include 3-4 attachments:

1.    Submission Form – Be sure to sign this. This can be done electronically or by printing it out, signing it, and scanning it in. If you are a student, please have your faculty advisor sign this form as well indicating that they have worked with you to review and revise you submission.

2.    Research Protocol

3.    Attachments. This may include any sorts or research materials such as a copy of the proposed survey

4.    Informed Consent Form

a.    Please use the Informed Consent Form Checklist when preparing your consent form.


Preparing and Submitting Proposals to the IRB


***Please submit these 3-4 documents by e-mailing them as attachments to Dr. Katherine Steinmetz (



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I am collecting my data during the semester, but I may analyze it afterwards. Does that still need to be covered by the IRB?

A: Yes! Protocols can be approved for up to one year. We recommend that you ask for approval for the entire year unless you are absolutely certain that you will not analyze the data past a certain date.


Q: I am doing pedagogical research from a class that I am teaching. Do I need IRB approval?

A: Yes, if you plan to present or publish the work, as it is generalizable knowledge. If there is any chance that you may want to publish your research from a class, be sure to get it approved before the class starts so that you can use the data that you collect!


Q: Do I need to complete ethics training and submit a certification of completion?

A: No, but please read the resources found on the main IRB page and familiarize yourself with the ethical considerations that need to be made when running research using human participants.


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