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"Public Health" is a rather broad term, encompassing many different careers, and many different training programs.  All center around improving the health of entire communities and populations, and generally involve some combination of health care, biology, communications, public policy, and environmental management.  

A joint MD/MPH degree has become popular in the past few years, as this gives physicians the training and credentials to improve the health of their communities, an addition to individual patients. 

As an example, the USC school of public health awards degrees in:

Other schools also have programs in international public health.

Most schools have no particular course prerequisites, although a background in biology and in psychology is recommended.

Most schools require the general GRE.

LINKS to other resources:

        Association of Schools of Public Health

        Arnold School of Publich Health at USC

        SOPHAS: Common application to graduate schools of public health

        John's Hopkins School of Public Health Open Courseware




General Information

Your Public Health advisor:

If you are a biology major, see your departmental advisor.

Otherwise see Dr. Moss, in the biology department.  Dr. Moss completed most of the coursework towards an MPH in USC's "Health Services Policy and Management" program, and did a six month internship with DHEC, SC's public health agency.   So he can share some limited insights into the USC program.