Connecting to Your H: or W: drive

(Adapted from Drew's Rules)


Click on the Desktop to make sure your are in the Finder.
Click on Go and select Connect to Server.

In the Server Address field type:
(H: drive) smb://nas/students/username or smb://nas/staff/username

(W: drive) smb://nas/webs/username

Click on Connect.

The network drive will be mounted on the desktop and will be named STUDENTS, STAFF OR WEBS. Your folder, which is named your username, should open automatically.


Once you’re familiar with it, the H: drive can be one of the most useful tools at your disposal. It is a free 100MB of storage space for students and 200MB for faculty/staff on the Wofford network that no one can access but you and it's backed up every night. But the H: drive is also a fickle mistress. You should not do any work on files sitting on the H: drive.

You should drag any files you wish to work on to the desktop, and work on them from there. Since dragging files to the desktop copies them, be sure to eject the H: drive to ensure that you’re working on the right files. When you’re done working, drag them back on to the H: drive. Since your old files are still on your H: drive, it will ask you if you want replace them with the new ones (unless you’ve changed your filename). If you’re satisfied with your changes, click yes and wait for them to be copied.

After they’ve been copied to the H: drive, do some housecleaning and delete any files or folders you don’t need. If you think you might use an image or video but aren't sure, put them in a folder called not_using. Then delete the project off the desktop.

Assuming you followed Drew's H: drive instructions, your files should still be safe and sound there. Then eject the H: drive and you’re done.

One more thing. You can only have one H: drive from one student open at a time. If you open your folder and all its contents have disappeared, do not panic. Eject the H: drives and reconnect. If your folder’s contents are still missing, restart the computer and reconnect. Ask the nearest student staff person to help you.

For Simplicity’s sake, here’s a step-by-step guide to working nicely with the H: drive:

  1. Open your H: drive and find your folder
  2. Drag any files or folders you need to change onto the desktop
  3. Eject the H: drive by dragging it to the trash
  4. Work work work
  5. Open your H: drive and copy all your files back into it, be wary of what you’re replacing
  6. Eject the H: drive one more time
  7. Trash any files that you no longer need on the Hard drive