Responsibilities of the Student Staff

Student Desk

Help professors with their daily class preparations.

Distribute mail

Make copies (need to be trained on copiers)

Run errands

Make sure there is paper in all printers (in the Suite and Olin 112, too)

Check to see if toner needs to be changed on all laser printers

Whatever faculty asks/wants/needs


Be well versed in all lab programs

    • iWeb
    • iMovie including video capture
    • iDVD
    • Microsoft Office
    • Garageband
    • DVD Player
    • Photobooth
    • Chrome, Firefox and Safari

Be well versed in the computer setup and maintenance

    • Run software updates
    • Setup Chinese fonts

Open the lab on Sundays and close the lab every night.

Greet students coming into the lab so they know you are there for assistance

Ask students to check in and out

Check the computers to make sure they are all on

Close out any applications running on computers no one is using

Make sure there is no food or drink in the lab

Straighten up tables and chairs, and throw out any trash from tables