Bailey Young

A Community of Service Interim 2010
State Health Clinic, San Cristóbal, Galápagos, Ecuador


Throughout my time there I was able to learn more about the island and its history as well as participating in volunteering at a local hospital and learning how the public hospital system affects its residents as well as the local nature. After reading Galapagos: A Natural History I am able to compare what I saw and witnessed with this book. I enjoyed reading about the different zones that the Galapagos has. The zones talk about how and why the elevations of the islands have different animals, which is because of the amount of rain and temperature that is seen on that island. I love being able to have reasons behind the beauty of the change I saw between the highlands and the coastal areas of the island. Also Galapagos: A Natural History talks about how human intervention affects the population of animals on the island. I like to think that keeping the citizens and visitors of the islands healthy by having a good health care system is helping to conserve the animals there. Keeping human diseases that can caught by the local animals will help prevent and epidemic between both people and species of an island.