Michael Schecter

A Community of Service Interim 2010
St Luke's Free Medical Clinic in Spartanburg, SC


At St. Luke's Free Medical Clinic, their mission is to offer thorough health care to residents of Spartanburg Country who do not have access to medical care. The patients are typically well below the poverty line of the United States and do not have Medicaid or any other type of health insurance for any variety of reasons. In addition to medical support, many of the people at St. Luke's also want someone to talk to about their problems or simply their life because they are lonely. Although the workers and volunteers are not therapists, they do a good job lending not only their hand to help but also their ear to listen. I quickly realized how valuable it was to have someone to talk to that was patient enough to hear them out. This ability, possibly more than anything else, is what I think created an atmosphere in which all people were treated equally and made St. Luke's feel at times more like a home than an institution.