Alex Ridenour

A Community of Service Interim 2010
Children’s Shelter, León, Nicaragua


  Mi casa is su casa”
is the truth of what pasa
In Nicaragua there is no such thing as stranger
And I never feel in danger
The rico smell of gallo pinto en la manaña
Mixed with the natural banana
And fresh juicy piña
Just make me feel like a happy niña
Then to top it off my heart jumps at el sabor
Of rich lush café freshly poured
Nicaragua tus sonidos awaken me like like a song
Even the confused rooster crowing all night long
I love to hear the children laughing from a far
And the crashing of the waves at the mar
The barrio anuncios blaring throughout the day
And the sound of the barrio fútbol play
Mixed with chirping of the playful birds and the clear lizards we call amigos
All make me wish I could live contigo
O Mi Bella Nica
I love waking to your clear blue sky
and volcanoes bubbling nubes that fly
your crowded streets full of discos y ropa
tend to make me feel loca
but seem so right
just like the bright night
canvas painted with millions of twinkling estrellas
warms my heart, O Mi Bella