Megan Lyons

A Community of Service Interim 2010
Children’s Shelter, Managua, Nicaragua


There were many unmet needs within Nicaragua’s society. Some of these were more obvious including food and shelter while others were not so obvious such as employment and the hidden need of rehabilitation. Food and shelter were clearly needed. … One need, that is less obvious, is the need for rehabilitation for many activities. I came to learn that many children who are taken from the dump to be placed in better situations are still addicted to searching through trash simply because that is all they know. They will never be able to function in society if someone does not take the time to work through their addictions. There are also many children in orphanages that arrive after many different exposures to trauma and have psychological problems. The agony they have been through will cause them to have many issues including autism, bipolar, and just random acts that cannot be explained. These children need to experience therapy to move past their trauma and live normal lives. It is not fair that they have damage from their past to deal with but it is even worse that they do not know how to handle it. Another form of this is for former prostitutes. These women do not know how to earn a living or perform basic domestic chores such as cooking and cleaning. Rehabilitation prevents them from falling back into this career. Clearly, there are many more needs for this type of rehabilitation, but the only way to solve these problems and make a lasting impression, instead of just filling an immediate need, is to open up more centers and providing more qualified therapists.