Kyle Livingston

A Community of Service Interim 2010
Elementary School in Spartanburg County


The teachers at “Spartanburg Elementary” have one of the toughest jobs in the United States. Teaching kids in a Title I school can be challenging both mentally and physically, and the teachers do a wonderful job in fulfilling their duties. As stated on their website, the mission of Arcadia is to “establish a strong foundation for lifelong learning by challenging and nurturing all students toward their maximum potential, while providing an environment which promotes success.” In this sense, teachers have the responsibility of educating not only academically, but they are also responsible for making sure the students are well taken care of and loved. I think that loving these kids is one of the greatest gifts they receive on a daily basis from each teacher. Assisting at Arcadia really solidified for me my desire to teach in a Title I school. I love the kids too much not to want to teach them, and I hope that over the next few years I can pursue these desires and fall into a school like “Spartanburg Elementary.”