This figures is only partly fragmented with a missing piece at the bottom left hand side. Both of the figure’s small arms are bend at the elbow, with the hands touching the center abdomen. The elbows are bent on a soft angle giving the feeling of circular movement as if the figure is rubbing its belly.  The figure has a cylindrical base and legs are undefined. The long triangular-shaped beard extents the length of the chin and ends at the figures chest. The eyes fill  about half of the face and are closed.
This cylindrical base of this piece suggest that it could have been used on top of thatched roofs.
The appraisal report stated this figure was in good condition with minor scratches and traces of slip. This slip is especially heavy on the face of the figure. A CT scans showed possible restoration attempts on the face, neck, and arms. It is also suspected that the head  and the body are not from the same figure.  
Tummy Rub
Collection Number:282.336A212.1
Material Terracotta
Culture: Nok, Nigeria, West Africa
Approximate age 550 BC