*Curved horns extend from either side of the head. Arching eyebrows accentuate oval-shaped eyes. The eyes, show in deep relief, slant downward. The nose is flat and broad with flaring nostrils. There are remnants of a goatee. The back of the head is smooth.
This horned figure is 28 centimeters tall and suffered damages to right horn. A CT scan showed that the horn was found separately and then reattached to the figure. there were also damage to the mustache, beard, neck, and body.
The clay used on this figure seems to be darker and thicker than clay used in most Nok figures. It is also speculated that the TL tests was false and this piece my be contemporary.  
Nok Figure
Collection Number: 287.336A219
Material: Terracotta
Culture: Nok, Nigeria, West Africa
Approximate Age: 550 BC