This figure stands 66 centimeters tall and has lost its lower half. The figure’s right arm is raised, however the arm below the elbow is missing as well as the left arm. The figure wares a large necklace that covers the entire neck . The nostrils are flared and perforated on either side of the nose is a mustache. This figure also has a goatee. The mouth of this figure is full and open however the opening does not go through the figures. This figure has a horn-like hairstyle and it is unknown what the round ring is at the top of the figures head.
The appraisal report found this piece to be in fair condition but with extensive erosion. They found that the head was largely made up of modern material and had been treated heavily by modern hands. It was clear that much of this object was constructed of reconstructed by the dealer.
The appraiser remarked “the object is a disaster and is a total pastiche. there are too many issues to specifically note...”
Nok Figure
Collection Number : 276.604.013
Material: Terracotta
Culture: Nok, Nigeria, West Africa
Approximate Age: 500 A.D.