This multi level figure stands at 58.5 centimeters tall. The eyes of the figure are slanted downward and almost closed however they are still perforated. The nose is large and round rather than flat and wide like most Nok noses. Below the chin is the reminisce of a bead and under that the figure wears a large necklace. The navel of this figure is located right above an opening and has a mouth-like quality, this opening supported by three supports. The back left support has been destroyed. The figure inside of this opening has breasts that suggest she is female. There is no evidence that eludes to the reasoning behind this figure.
The appraiser remarked that the style and shape of this figure is very unusual and caused him to wonder about its authenticity. However all the evidence supported the this figures authenticity. The uniqueness of this piece now adds to its value.
Double Decker Figure
Collection Number: 283.336A213.1
Material Terracotta
Culture: Sokoto, Nigeria, West Africa
Approximate age: 210 AD