This human Nok figure is small only 27 centimeters tall. The figure’s body is stiffly vertical like most Nok figures. here we see the African proportion. The facial features are highly styles and the ears are abnormally large and low set.  The eyes while geometric are a symmetrical which is uncommon in most African figures.
The figures wears a small cap and large necklace. This type of adornment is common in Nok figure and can be seen in later Nigerian cultures such as the Yorubans.  

 The appraisal reported noted that modern slip has been applied to the body obscuring the original material, and it covers possible facial fractures. It is believed that the lower half of the body is missing. Additionally, the surface material of the head and body do not match which suggest the head and body are not from the same figure.
The TL testing done on this figure was not accurate and it thought that his piece is made up of many fragments of different figures.
Large Necklace Figure
Collection Number: 272.336A209
Material: Terracotta
Culture: Nok, Nigeria, West Africa
Approximate Age: 550 BC