Hebrew Club at Wofford College
Wofford students now have the opportunity to learn Hebrew, a language not commonly offered by liberal art colleges. The Hebrew Club is a non-credit course in beginning modern Hebrew for Wofford students, faculty, and staff. It started in the fall 2009 as an initiative of Dr. Patricia Nuriel, assistant professor of Spanish in the Department of Foreign Languages. However, the idea to offer modern Hebrew on campus actually came from Dr. Nuriel’s Spanish students.
Students joined the Hebrew Club motivated by different interests: expanding knowledge about religion and culture, deepening a connection to a personal Jewish heritage, travelling to Israel, or just for fun. “I got involved with the Hebrew club because I was interested in learning a new language along with Spanish,” said Lindsey Zehr. Chip Bowman is “fascinated by languages,” but adds that for him, “Hebrew has a particular significance” because he is Jewish.
The 2009-2010 Hebrew Club students are already able to read and write, conduct basic conversations, and even sing in Hebrew. They are highly motivated, do not miss any class, and love learning grammar structures and verb conjugations. Lindsey thinks that the Hebrew Club is “relaxing and a lot of fun,” and her favorite part is “learning to write with a brand new alphabet.” Ryan Campbell thinks the Hebrew Club is fun and laid back. “I love learning new phrases that I can use in everyday speech. The patterns and stems of words enables the logical mathematician in me”, he added. For Chip, the Hebrew Club is one of his “favorite parts of the week.”

The Hebrew Club schedules its weekly meetings each year at the mutual convenience of interested students and the faculty member. It also works in coordination with Hillel.