Home Based Worker

A person who works in their home or near their home that doesn't belong to an employer. They may be self-employed or may do piecework for an employer. It is an important source of employment in many parts of the world.


Problems of Home-Based Workers

  • Poor pay and working conditions
  • Generally not covered by national labour laws
  • Long working hours
  • Lack of organization for bargaining or comparing wage rates
  • Absence of benefits, including pensions, insurance, safety and health protection, and paid leave
  • Children working in order to increase family income
  • Occupational health hazards arising from poor working conditions, harmful chemicals, instruments, and repetitive movement injuries.
  • Workers subsidize costs of production by providing tools, workspace and paying for raw materials



Street Vendor

A merchant. He uses illicit means for licit goals. He refuses to conform with legal regulations, with labor laws, he doesn't pay taxes. Why? He has no other alternative.


Problems of Street Vending

  • No legal status or recognition
  • Confiscation of goods
  • Unsanitary and hazardous workplaces lacking basic services
  • Harassment by local authorities and evictions from selling places

(In 1991, there were approximately 300,000 itinerant vendors in Lima.)


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