La Musica de Peru

Double Gourd Rattle Drum

It is made from goat skin and gourd cut in half. It will create a continuous percussive sound by rolling it with both hands.


Ten-string Andean guitar. It is fashioned after the Spanish guitar. It is made of armadillo shell or wood. It is small in size and easily carried. It is played during ritual ceremonies as well as other occasions.


This is a percussion instrument, widely-played on the Peruvian coast. It is made of a wooden box with a soundhole through the back. It is played by rapping on the front of the box while sitting on top of it.

Cacho Seed Rattle

A rattle made out of Cacho seeds. This instrument is held in the hand and shaken to lead the rhythm of the song.


A bound cluster of tubes of different lengths varying the pitch of each tube. It is most commonly played in Puno, or in the south of the country.

Peruvian Music Clips from "Andean Nation"

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